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Fall Festival

For all you kiddos in Northern Colorado: Resurrection Fellowship in North Loveland is having their annual fall festival. And I'm going to be helping with the building of the human maze. The last two years it has been way overboard (taking up rooms upon rooms upon basements upon auditoriums, etc). So we are toning down this year in order that no one gets lost. So tomorrow night we're setting up and it should be a good old time on Wednesday night.

Cowman Preview

The Cowman Preview is up and running. Just a quick update...filming **in the generic sense of the word** for scenes 1-13 are finished. All we have to do is produce the clips (but since they're animation clips, it's actually a simple fast slideshow). I'll be uploading whenever all filming and animation is completed, whenever that is.

New Videos

New Videos coming soon. Monday, perhaps. The co-animator is making me a preview for Cowman. This is gonna be awesome. I'll get it uploaded sometime next week (probably Monday), since I don't have high-speed Internet at home, and even if I did the service we have blocks uTube. So we'll get it all up and running later.

My Youtube channel


And I'll also embed the "Misc Videos" player here too. Enjoy!

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I've finally discovered Youtube's user profile. I've had one for a while, but I finally decided to start uploading my videos. Here's the full-length feature animation of a Star Trek Spoof I did in July, 2007. Acutally it was done by me AND my sister, and she should get some credit. Oh, and also, she's coming out with a new one called Cowman (Batman spoof). Maybe I'll get ahold of the preview for it. It's the greatest. But that's for another day, and another link.

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