84% on a math test.  Wow I haven't done that well since, well, College Algebra three or four years ago.  This brings my average for Calc 2 up to 82.5%.  Looks like I might just pass the class (and get a high GPA to boot). 
Anyway, it's Christie's birthday, so check out http://www.youtube.com/depwl9992 for the latest videos (one of which we recorded last night for the birthday and the very newest that we did a couple months ago).  Everyone who's seen the basketball video has just about laughed their heads off.  So hope you enjoy that one too.  I'll keep the birthday video featured for a little while, then I'll go back to the "most recent."
Cowman update:  it is NOT coming along.  The director is fairly busy with her senior year of high-school, so she hasn't had much time to mix any of the videos.  But hopefully I can get ahold of MY legos so that I can work on a video of my own (yeah right).
That's all for now.