I just realized something. Linerider has profiles just like Youtube channels (which I am obsessed with, as you probably have already guessed). So, to see all of my videos, vote for them and stuff, I would suggest going to this link:


Linerider Videos

I've just discovered a sweet new game called Linerider. Probably you've already heard of it...

You can check out the website:

I recorded it using the open-source software CamStudio. It's awesome, because the framerate is something like 60fps, which none of the other screen capture video programs do very well. It plays back a bit fast, but hey, as long as it's smooth, I'm happy.

Okay, well, anyway, here's the video:

Been a while

Wow it's been a while since I did anything here I be. Doing whatever. And what might you all be doing? Nothing I assume. So there. Have fun doing whatever you're doing.

School's out and I'm working full days (finally).