Online picture storage

Well I've been storing a few of my online pictures in MSN Groups. But that wasn't very good. It wastes a whole group, and I don't like MSN that much. So I've moved almost all of my web pictures to PicasaWeb. Since Blogger stores all uploaded folders there anyway, I figured I might as well try to consolidate. So, in short, I've created a new album called Webdev. It will contain pixel colors (I already have black and white there) and a few other pictures even you can use for web development.

To use them is a bit confusing. You need to go to My Webdev Album and click on the picture you want to view/link to. The pixel ones are a bit small, so you will have to have good eyesight to find them.

Next, on the right side, you will see a link called "Download photo." Right-click this link and "Copy Shortcut." Go to your source code and Ctrl-V into an <img> tag. Make sure you remove the "?imgdl=1" from the end of the pasted image source code. This will make sure the image shows up on your page rather than prompting the end user to download it. Hit refresh (F5) in your web browser and my image should show up on the web page. Cool, huh?

Cool Photoshop Gradient Effect

I thought I'd show you my mods on cool gradient backgrounds in Photoshop.

The tutorial I found on the web: Photoshop Gradient Background

I have a couple things I like to do. You do not need to use just angles on a linear gradient. You can also use the diamond, radial and circular gradients.

A really cool idea is to create a gradient with a very narrow band of color on one end (White at 0, Blue at say 5, and Green the rest of the way out). This makes a circle that looks very 3D, and yet has not implemented the emboss tool.

Another one of my ideas is to create 2 completely different style layers of the same technique. Then set the top layer blending mode to difference to get double the effect. You could also use any other blending mode, such as hard mix.

Put a photo on the bottom layer, a gradient layer over that and set a blending mode on the top layer.

Here are some pictures that I created using these techniques:

My Photoshop Web Album

Note the "Sister's Creation 3." This was the type I was talking about above, where a tight gradient on the end would make a pseudo-emboss.

Also note the "Chrome Flares." This was using another technique where you create multiple lens flares on a black layer, and then chrome filter the layer. I then did an Pin Light or Hard Mix (I can't quite remember) of the gradient layer onto the Flare Layer.


I tried the video tutorial on solving the Rubik's Cube. I got it almost finished and then the author made a mistake (prematurely solved it), beat himself on the head a couple times, tried it again and then gave up. Plus, he cared more about his sawed off thumb and therefore wouldn't get to the point. Also he mumbles, and I can hardly understand him.

So I broke down and tried watching Dan Brown's videos on the Rubik's cube. He seems to me to be a pretty talented orator, and so he was extremely easy to understand. I would go with his tutorial if I could choose.


So...we bought a Rubik's Cube last month, and as soon as I got home (I don't like them that well), I mixed it up and it has now been sitting for 2 weeks without anyone touching it. I guess none of us like it. Well, just today I took the initiative to go reasearching, because to me, the thing absolutely has no logic to it. However, I've been proven wrong. I've yet to try this tutorial, but I think it'll work.

Masterthecube Youtube Channel

Dan Brown Rubik Tutorial - Enter his channel at your own risk. Even with no sound he reminds me of a slight freak.:)