Merry Christmas! Okay, that's out of the way. Now onto better and cooler things, such as the gingerbread house and presents!

The gingerbread house....it went okay! I got it glued together which was very painful, but after that, it was pretty much a piece of cake. Pun. Anyhow, here's the requested and thereafter promised picture.

On top of that, some of you may know that I am working on growing a bonsai ficus tree. Well, happy days! Yesterday, my Uncle and Aunt came down from Longmont and gave me a fully-grown bonsai ficus from McGuckins. Aww yes! So now I have TWO to take care of ;). Picture of THAT too...

What else? Not a lot, really. Just a little bit of..I dunno. Whatever. Programming, school's over and we're just waiting for the new year and becoming three-day fish for each other since everybody's home.

Happy times otherwise. And not much else to say. Bu-bye.


Tuesday it was mentioned that I had made chili for the men's group at church. Well, I was expecting we'd do like we did last year and every table (there are about twenty) would provide their own little mini potluck. Well, it was different in that it was a group-wide potluck in which the entire snack table was cleared off and everybody shared with everybody.

It's a good thing I made a double batch, because the pot got cleared out very quickly.

In addition to THAT, yesterday I made a gingerbread house and put the pieces in the fridge to cool. Today we went out and bought the stuff I'd expect public school kids to waste their lunch money on when mom isn't looking...candy. So we now have more candy than is healthy in the house, which is bad bad bad! But nobody's stealing, so that's good. So far I've assembled the walls and roof and the whole thing is on the verge of collapsing. I think I'll take the Joy of Cooking's advice and leave it sit for one to eight hours (eight being preferable). Actually wait. I DID let the walls sit for an hour before I stuck the roof on and that definitely helped. So for now, I'll let it sit with the roof on for a bit longer than that, put the chimney, doors and shutters in and then start in with the decoration. In either case, we'll see how it turns out.

In the Limelight

It seems this blog thing is getting more and more into the limelight. This word, limelight, comes from the 19th century spotlights of directing a flame at a stick of lime (calcium-oxide, the main ingredient in concrete). The stick would glow and they could reflect the high-intensity light at the performer, orator, etc.

Only problem with my blogging, is it takes at least three edits before I finally get a post perfect. Such is the problems: grammar, missing information, improper html formatting, blah blah blah. Once I think I even performed eight edits before I finally said that was good enough. Oh well. It's fun anyways!

And pictures aren't always a necessity either, although I put some of the Wrath of Khan pictures up as a slideshow on the sidebar for your enjoyment. This is actually my Picasa miscellaneous folder, so anything I deem fit will go there and show up on the little slideshow.

Nothing else too extraordinary to report, except that it's a potluck (share-a-dish for the politically correct people) at church, and I'm cooking up a double batch of chili. Probably should post this and go check to see how it's going. Anyhow, just thought I'd drop by. I hope I don't become a daily journalist like my sister. No. I won't. Although this is becoming more and more interesting as it goes on...

Edits this post: had to come back and add these paragraph breaks, since it jammed everything together. I should have checked my post options before I published, but I'm just absent-minded like that y'know.

Tree Cutting

Here's what we did BEFORE all those pictures of the media center were taken (on December 12):

Driving up to the National Forest near Redfeather Lakes

Drive to Redfeather LakesDrive to Redfeather Lakes
Drive to Redfeather LakesDad drove the highway up
Drive to Redfeather Lakes100% recycled house
We made Andrea drive with the chains

After parking

Hiking around

And the final product, taken not less than an hour ago

Media Center

Here is a set of photos of the church media center production area (not including store and duplication, which everybody can see if they just come in and buy something).

Director and Overheads console

Robotic camera controls

Post production computers

Finally, there's the epitome of the media center: Joshua's office. They clean it out and it quickly sinks down to this state...if it ever even leaves that state during a cleaning anyway.

And Joshua's office up close after we 'fixed' it up a bit.


Well! For the first time in 3 years, we've dewcided to do something of a Christmas! Today, we committed ourselves by going and cutting a tree from the National Forest people. We had a grand time chaining the tires and making Andrea drive with them. I would have had a really cute photo of Andrea but right as I pressed the 'take picture' button, the batteries died. What I should do is get a car battery or gel-cell and step it down to three volts for all of my thee-volt appliances.

Anyway, so the tree's up, but we have NOT gone and decorated it yet as we are going to church. Something to look forward to for tomorrow I suppose.

Photo: the deer right out our back fence. Of course it's a phone photo, so it's not the best quality, nor is it properly cropped.


Well then! Finals this week and I had a nice day yesterday taking a test on the Classical period of music. Then we have the comprehensive listening test tomorrow which will be our full final. Ha! Maybe if I worked hard enough at it I could....never mind. I can't even think.

Aaaanyway, we got like six inches of snow at the house. And it's been below zero for something like a full day now. Well, it got down to -20 at our house at 6:00 this morning, and it's now at 0. Wow. We also ran out of wood in the garage for our fireplace, so I had to tromp out to the woodpile and refill it.

What else? Nothing much. Mom and I are struggling with her blackberry version of Live Messenger. I've always loved the quirks of MSN in general. And that WAS sarcasm. Maybe I should switch over to Google 100% and make everyone else live with it. One email for every service on the planet is getting pretty annoying. I've got Yahoo for the Yahoo folks, Live for the MSN people and yesterday I got a GMail because my iGoogle (which is where I'm writing this from) was urging me to do so. But I really really like Google, so maybe I should consolidate.

Nothing else to report, other than the fact that the snow is AWESOME! Except it's not warm enough to pack and make stuff. Maybe it'll warm up enough tomorrow. We'll see.

......from previous

Oh..and for those of you who still think it's boring, I don't like to rush these things. I like to see if they look good and what I want to change before I go changing everything there is to change. So just be patient.


Merry Christmas! Almost..

Per request for a channel design switch, I've done a bit of CSS editing with borders and background images and transparencies. Enjoy!!

Wasted space now reclaimed

So I'm looking at the page there..probably the one you're looking at right now, and I noticed that there was a big blank space to the left of everything. "Well," I thought, "How can I get the text to stretch that far?" Then I remembered the Edit HTML link in the Layout tab.

Went into the Outer Wrapper of the CSS section and changed the width attribute in the #outer-wrapper from 660px to 860px. Then I changed the width in #main-wrapper from 410px to 610px. There. Now the text shifts over into that blank spot (due to the outer-wrapper) and stretches across to hit the sidebar (due to main-wrapper). I feel so smart now.

Google Follow:All the cool people are doing it!

There! Happy now!? Gah!! It's up already. Google Fallow. And what-not. Actually, my Google Account page is getting more and more cluttered as I go along. And I'm not sure how to UN-subscribe to some of the things I have on there. Right now I have the following Google Services associated with my account:

  • Alerts
  • Calendar
  • Finance
  • Maps
  • Profiles
  • Sketchup
  • Web History
  • Blogger
  • Code
  • Google Friend Connect (ugh)
  • Notebook
  • Reader
  • Subscribed Links
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Bookmarks
  • Docs
  • iGoogle
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Sites
  • Talk
  • Youtube
So how's THAT for a list? And more than half of those things I don't regularly use. Here's a cool site.."How to delete Google account and services." Interesting. Wonder what would happen if I wiped everything and started from scratch. Not that I ever will. I mean, I have TOO many things I want to keep around. Oh hey! An 'edit services' link..no wait. That's just to delete web history or close the account.


Wowee!! So I get comments from people I don't know at all. Now THAT'S something. And I also had a request to turn on 'Blogger Follow,' which I think is crazy. I like simplicity. Little mandatory pictures all over the place make for clutter. But in light of popular demand, fine. I'll do that.

On a similar note, I'm going to remove the Daily Dilbert, even though it's cool. It takes way too long to load and it's again a big blob of mess at the top of every page. So goodbye, even though it's cool.

On yet ANOTHER note: PennMUSH - I've been looking at the idea of sql control within Penn. I've never gotten MySQL to work properly, so I've never gotten website packages such as Wiki or Mambo to install. But Penn allows for other database types such as postgresql and sqlite. I'm grabbing the packages for those. Oh..postgre is 40MB, but sqlite is like 500K. So guess which one I'm grabbing on a dialup connection.

Anyhow, I'm not sure HOW I'll use it, but I want to at least try to make a db work with Penn, just to see if I can.

What else? Sister and I've been home all week, as Dad and Mom went to Estes Park for their anniversary (29th). So it's been a time of Star Trek and boredom. Well, not so much boredom. There's plenty to do, but it's not all FUN. Anyway, they're coming home later this afternoon I think.

Good note about my computer re-image: I've finally installed all updates and software back to what it was, minus a few things I never used. Of course, I've always had problems with bootup and things, and I've always meant to isolate the problem child, but I never have. And with this re-image, I STILL didn't. I've a few large software packages I always install, such as Photoshop, DVDit, MS Office, Messenger, etc.. and always somewhere between then and the next re-image, either bootup takes forever or the computer freezes for the first five minutes after connecting to the Internet. So I'm not sure who the culprit is, even now. But we'll see if I can't catch it this time.


Two things I'm excited about: 1) I donated $65 to this missions group to provide blankets for new Afghan mothers. Link here. 2) I bought Phil Wickham's new CD - Heaven & Earth. Now all I have to do is..OH! I need to download vCast to get my phone drivers working again. I like to listen to music off of my phone, and so far I've been missing the drivers for transferring music onto it. I'll go do that after I finish this thing. Another cool thing is: I'm at the new library in Fort Collins. What's it called? I don't remember. Let me go look it up. Council Tree Library. It's the second floor of a new outdoor mall complex in southeast Fort Collins. Not very big on normal tables..they're into this retro comfy-chair look, but I can manage. Anyhow, that's about all. Let me go get those drivers.
Ugh..so I just about killed my computer. I picked up malware sometime yesterday at the library and managed to run it at home. Well, it installed itself, force rebooted the computer and loaded under the virus scanner and disabled it.

Then it proceeded to lock me out of any other scanning software, my modem and a bunch of other things got super-slow. So I reinstalled windows..or tried to. My internal cd player is dead, so I had to use my external one, but my computer won't boot off of that without help,so I ended up wiping and installing Ubuntu. Unfortunately, I can't get it to recognise my modem, nor does Grub (the bootloader) recognise cd boots. So I asked Dad to bring home the floppy drive and I'll hopefully force the Windows install disc to load that way. I hope.

Oh. And we're having wings and pizza for supper. on a good note ;).

So I'd like to take a moment and give my own memorial to Dale Walter who I considered a good friend. Of course, he considered EVERYONE a good friend, but everyone felt speial after talking with him for any length of time. Anyhow, he died in a car wreck last Wednesday and his memorial service yesterday was amazing. Maybe when I get a normal keyboard under my fingers I'll rehash it all.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football at our friend's in Loveland.

Simple Update (as if you haven't gotten enough already)

So I had this job opportunity open up over the weekend for a janitor position at work. All I have to do is call this one lady at the church. I'm planning on doing that tomorrow morning maybe before school. Boy, I hope I can pick up something.

On another note: we're heading over to Loveland this evening for a visit with some friends. The excuse is to watch football, but none of us is very into football (even if Dad professes to be a fan). But it'll be good to visit with those guys anyway.

Yet another note, I tried looking over the jQuery API and couldn't quite figure it out. In addition to that, I researched Google Chrome theme builders and figured out how to do it manually in addition tothe little programs that do it for you. And, of course, I got all the videos listed below uploaded.

Update on Youtube Uploads

    So I am currently uploading all the animation videos that haven't been uploaded to my channel. They include the following:
  • John Wayne Horse Mount
  • Horse and Rider

I have more, but they are bigger than average, so I won't post them now. Well, maybe I will if I think hard enough. They're not really THAT big; just 2MB each. I can do it. The last one (Horse and Rider) was 600K...

The other two that I can upload now are Walk in-Roll out, Slave Driver and Spaceman. I'm still not 100% sure on the Basketball Stars Original.

Yes, I will do it. Right now, even!

Cookie man

This is the Cookie Man as we call him. Actually he's the mil man, but yeah.

Brant in Afghanistan

So I was listening to the friendly dj's on WayFM, of whom Brant Hanson is in Afganistan is on a short term missions trip. He's been talking for a couple weeks about 'donate blankets to new moms and I'll see that they make it when I go next month. Well, the time for buying blankets is over and now the organization is taking just plain money. Well, I'm all into it now, and I feel like doing something. What, I don't know yet, because I got Mom all into it too. We'll see.

In either case, here's the link they've been into all week long: http://www.helpcurenow.org/site/c.nvI1IeNYJyE/b.5546033/k.524/Mornings_with_Brant_teams_up_with_CURE.htm

Youtube update - Belated

Ha! So, update with the Youtube channel thing: I've accepted the new beta design thing that they offer. See it at http://www.youtube.com/depwl9992.

In addition to that, you may see a couple short (10 second) videos I uploaded a while ago but never announced. Be ready for a couple new ones soon (not Cowman unfortunately. That one's gone so stagnant.) I have an equally short one called Spaceman. And I was requested to put the original Basketball Stars video up which I had previously taken down for privacy issues. So you might just see that version as well.

Let's see....what else? If you want to see anything, just let me know. I'm all open for ideas.

New HD

http://Oh! I forgot to mention! I just got a new hard drive. Let's see. What was the name of it again? Seagate Freeagent USB Drive. It's 500GB, so combined with my OTHER one (LACIE Porsche), I have 1TB of total space on external drives. No wait. If I combine that with all of my camera cards and flash drives...never mind. It wouldn't be TOO much over 1TB.

Besides, this is more space that I ever saw at one time in my life. Except when I saw my dad's 1TB drive. And the storage servers at school. Okay. Let's put it THIS way. It's more space than I've ever had connected to any of MY OWN computers. Whee! I still don't know what to do with it either.

My mom got it for something like $40 from 1 Sale a Day. So it was a steal, since my LACIE was more like $120.

It came with pre-loaded software for backup, sync, performance testing and other things. But I don't like backups too much. If I wanted to do backups, I'd want to find some sort of RAID software to combine both drives together. I heard someone was able to do it with SD cards even.

Okay. Now I'm REALLY done.


So I felt like making a comment. I've finally noticed that the rest of the family is getting into this whole 'blagging' thing also. Of course, my dad's had one for years, but he never did anything for it until recently when my sister got one also. Seems they're finally getting out there..finally.

Anyhow, I've nothing new to report except that my phone bugged out a few days ago. If you may remember I have an LG Voyager. And it's from Verizon, so all the software including music and things is all Verizon proprietary. This is NOT a good thing, as people have complained about VZNavigator (Verizon's GPS software). Mostly they'll complain about things like, "They disabled the built-in GPS so you'd be forced to pay for their OWN software which is super-horrible quality compared to EVERYTHING else. Well, true to the facts, I'm here to report that Verizon's music player "VCast" is no better.

Reasons I hate VCast:

1) The so-called 'required' installation of Rhapsody to make it work to full capacity (although I got it to work perfectly with Winamp). I've had almost maulware-like performance from Rhapsody/Real Player in the past and won't touch it with a 10-foot pole.

2) Meta tag readability is extremely limited. There is absolutely no way to navigate the main menu where everything is laid out according to artist, album, genre, title and whatever else. Actually, my big hang-up is that they've split out each of these items into subsequent sub-menus. If you want to search on artist, they'll list everything in alphabetical order to artist and split each of those items into album categories. Same with album. If you go into one album, then they'll recategorize/group songs there with the artist. This is especially bad when you have things like compilations such as my music history class 6-cd set where each track is by a different composer in a different time period. Of course, I can't just say "Various artists" in the album artist tag and then expect the player to sort by THAT instead of regular artist. They ONLY scan the track, album, artist, title and genre. That's IT. No album artist (kills the compilation ability) and nothing else.

3) Menus change with EVERY screen. If you go into the album sub-menu of the artist listing, the menu is different than that of the song submenu of the album submenu of the artist listing. Figure.

4) The playlist capability (which seems to be my only real workable solution to the compilation problem) is horrible. To build a playlist in-program, you must first create the playlist and then go into a track listing of ALL songs (unsorted by album) and select each one and then OK out. Or you can go into a track listing and Menu/Add to Playlist/Select Playlist. This is a one-at-a-time deal though.

5) Meta-editing within Winamp is impossible for songs already on the phone.

6) Reset and Rescan will erase playlists.

Solutions to the VCast Problems:

1) Rhapsody is bad - Work with Winamp. I tried iTunes, but I couldn't find the menu item to pull in non-iPod devices. Also iTunes is very processor heavy so I only like using it for podcasts.

2) Menus don't read enough meta-data and are unnavigable - Hope LG releases their app-store and has a better player someday.

3) Menus change with every screen - See #2

4) Playlist creation - Winamp will work just fine. Just use their Media Library Playlist tool. Of course, Winamp for some reason adds a .pl extension to the playlist NAME which will show up in the player, but it's a small price to pay for quick creation of them.

5) The only solution I've found (which still doesn't work) is to delete the selected songs off of the phone, edit the originals in Winamp and re-copy them over. But don't expect it to work. I had three or four songs that were missing information (showed up as 'Unknown Album' and such) and when I tried this, they STILL showed up as Unknown Album. Figure that out.

6) Don't do a reset. Ever.

Okay. I'm done ranting. I think. Besides, there are better things to talk about than Verizon's software problems. It's like getting Linux and Windows together to argue about...stuff. Everything. They'll argue about ANYTHING.

Anything else I need to mention? Nah. We got snowed in for a day which messed up my class schedule, but was really fun because we didn't go out the entire day. And yesterday I finally got to the library to look for Dr. Who videos. Now DON'T get me started on BBC and their regional restrictions. No no no..I won't say how much I hate that, because I complained enough already. Besides, I found a video of the Easter Special 2009 and I'm REALLY excited!! Of course, why would I tell anybody where it is? Since BBC's big on cracking down on non-regional copying (and since some BU citizens are nice enough to post the videos on other sites 'for those living outside the Great Britain area' I won't rat on them. I'm all for them. We have things like Mr. Bean and OLD Dr. Who on Channel 6 (or we did up until the big Digital TV schism), so why not the NEW Dr. Who? It's much cooler anyway.

Speaking of Dr. Who, I did research yesterday and it said that they didn't have an official 2009 season, like they were expecting. Instead they did (or will do) 3 David Tennant specials before 2010 when they'll switch over to the....what was it? Chris Smith? Mike Smith? Whatever his name is. The one new kid - Doctor 11 in 2010. The three specials of 2009 are Easter (already out), Nov 11 and Dec 25. Of course, I did NOT see the Christmas 2008 special, and I was really disappointed. But I saw the first half of the Easter 2009 special and it's not yet November 11, so I'm almost fully up-to-date. And I'm really really excited, because when Gregory Smith or whatever his name is takes over as Doctor 11, I'm planning on bowing out maybe. I can't stand TOO young of a Doctor. Well, except that they have his daughter coming back (the one created by his hand in 2008). And THAT was a really cool idea.

Am I done yet, you're asking. Well, I suppose. Besides, I just heard something about a hair-cut. Oh boy. And I got one like three weeks ago and hardly have any to grow back. Besides, it's winter and the more you have, the warmer your head, right?

So I'm done. Take care!!

Happy Star Trek Day

So I wanted to get this up last night, but I completely forgot. Here you are! Happy Star Trek day! Speaking of which, we watched the original pilot program with Captain Christopher Pike called "The Cage." It was redone with Kirk in a second shoot but they kept the Pike guy in the archives and only recently dug it back out. Anyhow, Happy Star Trek Day and may it be filled with...oh..I don't know. Whatever you fill Star Trek Day with!

I wanted to get this

I wanted to get this up yesterday, because yesterday was the day, but Happy Star Trek Day!!

Free Websites Lost

Somewhat disappointing news: The "Summer Home" of PPSStudios (hosted on WebSamba) closed down on me, as WebSamba decided they couldn't keep free hosting alive. So I'm down to one free website, and they're high enough on the Google listing that I don't think I'll have any problems from them any time soon.

They've closed me off...but remember that my active coding that I decide to make public is going to http://ppsstudios.brinkster.net.

Of course, most of the stuff I develop, I keep on my own personal IIS (which is dynamic and I don't want to keep using No-IP for hosting a website, even though it works..kind of.

danipavliashvili2 is getting limelight!

So I did a vanity search today just to see where this site is going and it turns out that my Myst tutorial on FlyMode was published on Technorati.com. Also, the Georgian characters for the title (the phonetic translation in English is "Danieli Pavliashvili") got the attention of Holmes.ge with search results on my Photoshop brushes, Camstudio and Pivot.

So, in my vanity, I think I'll put a list of what I found so far:

So am I pushing this thing far enough to make you want to gag? Sorry, if I am. I'm done now.

7-30-09 Nothing interesting..

So maybe I can't message pictures through my picture messaging service, but maybe it will still work with the 1000 character limit. Air Fighter 4...Mom's downloading it now onto her blackberry. I'm so excited. Getting worn out from all the racer and puzzle games. Need a bit of violent arcade every once in a while. Anyhow...oh! We just bought Star Trek the Original series (all three seasons NOT remastered) from ebay. We expect to dive in tonight and watch a few. I'm so excited. Okay the ram buffer on my phone is just about dead so let me see if this posts.
Well all you thousands of fans out there. I'm limited to 160 chars here, so bear with me. and I'm up to 121 right here -> So yeah. Maybe I'll think of something


So this thing might just get a little more activity, now that I've figured this cool mobile thing out. So yeah. This pic is of an orange tree that I started from seed a few months ago. I didn't think it would work but then one morning I saw the tiny seedling. Since then, it's grown from that size to almost two inches high with half inch leaves.
So we just finished up a men's meeting here at church. They've got a website, but ever since the main site got its new system, the depts want a custom url

Last mobile test

Now then. I'm sure this is getting rather monotonous for those on the feed. But this will be the last one I hope. And hopefully the picture will come through as well

Text BLOGGR test

This is a test of texting BLOGGR with a message. It doesn't seem to want to work..at least for the picture I just tried to send, but maybe this one will.

Email from phone test

Alright. This is somewhat of a test to see if it works. I got a new phone and am trying a post using the sms-email feature.


Okay, so this thing is seriously neglected, but then again, I've been rather busy minding my own business and not fighting with my dialup connection, which I rather think is slow. Anyway, here I be. I just was reminded of this when I decided to get a LinkedIn account created for my job search. And yes, I did lose my job back in March because the company had to 'cut costs.' Of course, I still don't feel too badly about it as I was looking for some change of pace and stress-level, but it still hurts to have no income. However, I DO hope to get searching better and maybe I'll find someone to work for.

Other notes: none.

Oh! There was one thing I wanted to mention. For Father's Day, we got my dad a new GPS unit! It's working great and we've been using it quite a lot for something called Geocaching

More notes? None.

Do I have much more to say? No. Not really.

So I'll wrap it up here or something and get this posted as all my thousands of fans are probably pulling their hair out (if they have any left) wondering why I don't post anything here.


Alright yew people.  I've decided that my website is getting really boring.  You can see how boring here. The story writer is not being hit at all, hardly (probably because of the password protection).  If anyone has any ideas on what to add to it, shoot me (the webmaster) an email on http://ppsstudios.brinkster.net/sendMail.asp. I check it about once every three months, but I hope to fix that soon.

Anyhow, here's a note of pleading: don't send me any ideas on the elephant joke fanclub. I can't make database stuff work perfectly yet, nor do I have the time to try and figure it out. When I get it up and running better, I'll let ya'll know when you can send me requests for that. In the meantime, I'd say stick with feature requests revolving around html, asp, javascript and that sort of thing. Just databases are out.

I'll even accept requests for design changes if you so desire. A blue background with a simple table isn't my idea of a cool interface, although you must admit, it is CLEAN.

Linerider 2 Unbound

Linerider 2 Unbound is out! And I bought it! New features? Spline tool to make perfectly smooth track. Background tool with layers to make a 3D looking world. Track coloring, game mode, free-design mode, on and on and on. It's a huge program (2GB of free disk space) for the computer I'm using it on, but it still seems to work okay. Local installation allows for offline editing, saving, etc., and it even has uploading and video capture capability! Sounds..I could really go on and on!! It is rather amazing.

They're online user account tool even has been integrated with the new version of the game so that if you do an upload in-game, it will be reflected in your online profile. Also, you can download other's tracks from the website and they will go directly into your game with a few extra steps in between.

Alright..on to more useful information. My Linerider profile is at http://linerider.com/en/user/depwl9992. AND, if you want to see sample videos, I've created a Youtube playlist of most all my Linerider tracks, viewable here.


Haven't been back in a while

Alright, so I haven't been back here for a loooong while. Happy New Year!!!!! Anyway, I'm typing this whole thing from my mom's Blackberry Curve, so forgive me if it seems too short. Nothing really exciting going on, but Brinkster now has Garfield pages allowing you to view favorites, today's, past strips even including entire years at a time. Just don't overload it, as the site has limited bandwidth and will lock down for the rest of the (I think) day if it goes over.. Alright. I'm done because I have fat fingers and can't type much longer.