Alright yew people.  I've decided that my website is getting really boring.  You can see how boring here. The story writer is not being hit at all, hardly (probably because of the password protection).  If anyone has any ideas on what to add to it, shoot me (the webmaster) an email on I check it about once every three months, but I hope to fix that soon.

Anyhow, here's a note of pleading: don't send me any ideas on the elephant joke fanclub. I can't make database stuff work perfectly yet, nor do I have the time to try and figure it out. When I get it up and running better, I'll let ya'll know when you can send me requests for that. In the meantime, I'd say stick with feature requests revolving around html, asp, javascript and that sort of thing. Just databases are out.

I'll even accept requests for design changes if you so desire. A blue background with a simple table isn't my idea of a cool interface, although you must admit, it is CLEAN.

Linerider 2 Unbound

Linerider 2 Unbound is out! And I bought it! New features? Spline tool to make perfectly smooth track. Background tool with layers to make a 3D looking world. Track coloring, game mode, free-design mode, on and on and on. It's a huge program (2GB of free disk space) for the computer I'm using it on, but it still seems to work okay. Local installation allows for offline editing, saving, etc., and it even has uploading and video capture capability! Sounds..I could really go on and on!! It is rather amazing.

They're online user account tool even has been integrated with the new version of the game so that if you do an upload in-game, it will be reflected in your online profile. Also, you can download other's tracks from the website and they will go directly into your game with a few extra steps in between.

Alright..on to more useful information. My Linerider profile is at AND, if you want to see sample videos, I've created a Youtube playlist of most all my Linerider tracks, viewable here.