New HD

http://Oh! I forgot to mention! I just got a new hard drive. Let's see. What was the name of it again? Seagate Freeagent USB Drive. It's 500GB, so combined with my OTHER one (LACIE Porsche), I have 1TB of total space on external drives. No wait. If I combine that with all of my camera cards and flash drives...never mind. It wouldn't be TOO much over 1TB.

Besides, this is more space that I ever saw at one time in my life. Except when I saw my dad's 1TB drive. And the storage servers at school. Okay. Let's put it THIS way. It's more space than I've ever had connected to any of MY OWN computers. Whee! I still don't know what to do with it either.

My mom got it for something like $40 from 1 Sale a Day. So it was a steal, since my LACIE was more like $120.

It came with pre-loaded software for backup, sync, performance testing and other things. But I don't like backups too much. If I wanted to do backups, I'd want to find some sort of RAID software to combine both drives together. I heard someone was able to do it with SD cards even.

Okay. Now I'm REALLY done.

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