Two things I'm excited about: 1) I donated $65 to this missions group to provide blankets for new Afghan mothers. Link here. 2) I bought Phil Wickham's new CD - Heaven & Earth. Now all I have to do is..OH! I need to download vCast to get my phone drivers working again. I like to listen to music off of my phone, and so far I've been missing the drivers for transferring music onto it. I'll go do that after I finish this thing. Another cool thing is: I'm at the new library in Fort Collins. What's it called? I don't remember. Let me go look it up. Council Tree Library. It's the second floor of a new outdoor mall complex in southeast Fort Collins. Not very big on normal tables..they're into this retro comfy-chair look, but I can manage. Anyhow, that's about all. Let me go get those drivers.