Classic Animation

I just completed uploading two preview videos for the all new Youtube playlist: Classic Animation featuring my very own animations from twelve years ago! And you will HATE them!!

And a quick update on the actual animations themselves: four videos have been successfully converted and are being edited for uploading. Two are fairly long and two are moderately long, so they will be actually uploaded when I get to a faster connection, tomorrow or Tuesday.

Also, with a bit of cyberstalking or whatever..I've found the original writer and creator of Holy Living Man. I'll be uploading a few of these videos in time, once I get them credited correctly with his username (lipsynchORswim).

A quick side note..I sound like I'm speaking to the masses of fans I have, but I don't have that many fans. I should advertise or something..I hear if you get enough views on your videos, you can qualify for promoting which is like $2.50 per 1000 views or something. I dream of that day.

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