New Classic Uploads

I've uploaded about five new classic animations from 1999.

Lego Wars

Lego Wars - Bloopers

Lego Wars - Ambush

Horse Hunt

Beanie Portraits

I said five, didn't I? Well, "Beanie Portraits" are still processing, so that'll it'll be a little while until those are ready. Until then you'll get an error on that embed/link.

I found the ORIGINAL tape we did Holy Living Man on, and there I found the whiteboard-based credits Ben wrote. I'll try to get that portion of it up in a couple days, and if popular polls request it, I might splice the two back together or remix the video and upload it in its full-length glory.

ALSO, this original tape contains Star Travels (unabridged). It was a VERY tedious video that I animated which was based more on the background music than any specific plot. Thus, there was a lot of sitting around staring at the same shot while we waited for the music to finish. When I dubbed it over to the tape that I've gotten all of these from so far, I fast-forwarded through these long parts, so the audio would cut out and the dead space would speed up. However, it's just not the same as the original lame cut. Therefore, with my discovery of the original tape, I'll be uploading the full-length version. Oh the horror.

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