About Me

Umm..so I'm an Electrical Engineering technician in Colorado. And I'm into computers, so you can probably see why in the world so many of these posts are on computers and technology.

Actually, currently, I'm working as an Assembler at Colorado Power Electronics in Fort Collins. High voltage stuff and all that. I used to say it was confusing and I only wanted to know how it was put together, but now, in 2017 and five years after being hired on, I now sort of know what I'm doing and what our units are doing!

That and I am pretty set on keeping up on my programming, so on the side, I'm developing a locally-hosted MUSH. I have turned into a Linux fanatic myself, though am still quite novice in a lot of areas. However, as xkcd would indicate, a LOT of people live on StackExchange to figure things out, even more advanced users.