Stupidly Simple Privacy Policy

So I signed in this morning to find that Blogger was bugging me to make a privacy policy page in lieu of the GDPR stuff that went down in May 2018.

There are only a few big things to note in terms of this blog:

  1. Blogger tracks whatever they track. The only information I see is your country of origin and what site referred you here if it tells me. People say it should allow Europeans to opt out, so I can only assume it is.

  2. Adsense used to exist here, but screw that. More trouble than it's worth and Google is offloading the work of informing you of their information collection practices onto those of us who just want to drop in a bit of javascript or click a checkbox in site settings and forget about it. Not worth the trouble, so you should be seeing zero ads, and nothing regarding Google Adsense should be tracking you.